About FootBalance

FootBalance is an innovative insole that promotes better foot health and greater well-being as well as bringing you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price. 

We professionally assess the foot type of all clients and provide them with 100% customised insoles for the perfect fit.

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Healthy foot function

The patented FootBalance energy return core helps keep foot muscles and arches active and toned whilst supporting your feet in proper alignment.

Optimal total body alignment

Improving overall body alignment helps to improve biomechanical efficiency. Proper support underfoot can reduce foot fatigue and improve circulation for better endurance.

Reduced stress injuries

Studies have shown that orthotics help to address the foot misalignment issues behind many injuries. Lightweight insoles are designed to provide the support you need without excess rigidity.

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FootBalance gives you the energy you deserve

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Total personalisation

Custom insoles offer you the best support that you can get. Your feet are unique but off-the-shelf insoles are not. 

Prefabricated insoles assume identical left and right feet: something most of us do not have.

FootBalance custom insoles fit both of your feet perfectly for ultimate comfort and support. Individually custom moulded to each of your feet, they conform to the curve of your arches no matter your arch type. 

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Made to be enjoyed

The patented dynamic core supports your feet to prevent overpronation while flexing appropriately to return energy. Dynamic energy return facilitates utilisation of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and proprioceptors.

This helps to keep feet and arches active, healthy and toned.

We offer insoles with different stiffness levels to accommodate different activity levels and to enhance performance and comfort. 

Ten minutes with us could give you a life you didn't know was possible

Here’s what you can expect in your appointment with us at Monmouth Clinic.

  1. Analyse | Your arches are analysed with the use of a podoscope and pictures are taken of your ankles to analyse your ankle alignment. 
  2. Mould | You stand on heated, unmoulded insoles that have been positioned on the moulding pillows. The heated insoles are moulded to fit your feet perfectly while maintaining correct alignment.
  3. Check | Once the insoles have been individually moulded, the FootBalance expert ensures that the insoles conform to the natural arch of each. Insoles may be trimmed to fit your footwear if needed.