FootBalance was founded in 2003 by a Finnish physiotherapist and inventor who specialised in pod attic medicine. We are able to professionally assess the foot type of all clients, providing them with 100% customised insoles for the perfect fit.

FootBalance is an innovative insole that promotes better foot health and greater well-being as well as bringing you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price. With FootBalance you get a complete foot analysis and custom moulded insoles in less than 10 minutes. Each insole is individually custom moulded for each foot, to ensure perfect fit and support no matter your arch type, foot shape or differences between the left and right foot. Your insoles are available for trial and use immediately – at a price that won’t break the bank.

FootBalance insoles support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot function and improve overall body alignment. The patented FootBalance energy return core helps keep foot muscles and arches active and toned. Studies have shown that improving overall body alignment helps improve biomechanical efficiency and reduce the incidence of stress injuries. Proper support underfoot can reduce foot fatigue and improve circulation for better endurance.

The FootBalance custom insole line includes a full range of cushioning and support levels to help you achieve a comfortable, customised fit in virtually any footwear whether for sports, work or leisure.
FootBalance insoles are personalized insoles custom moulded to each of your unique feet.

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Why is custom important?

Simply put: custom offers the best support you can get. Your feet are unique, off-the-shelf insoles are not. They are designed to a standard mould, making it difficult to account for the wide variety of feet in the world. Prefabricated insoles assume an identical left and right foot, something most of us do not have.

FootBalance custom insoles fit both of your feet perfectly for ultimate comfort and support. Individually custom moulded to each of your feet, they conform to the curve of your arches perfectly no matter your arch type. Any differences between your feet in length, arch shape or foot type don’t matter. If you need extra support under the ball of the foot – it can be added just for you.

Proper Fit for Better Health

Studies have shown that orthotics help address the foot misalignment issues behind many injuries. Many people don’t realize these benefits only come if the insoles properly fit. Poorly fitting insoles can place your feet in unhealthy positions, impairing foot function and mobility and negatively affecting overall body alignment. They are uncomfortable and can cause pain and bruising to the arches. Custom moulding is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit.

FootBalance insoles dynamically support your feet without unhealthy excess rigidity. To ensure a perfect fit to your lifestyle FootBalance offers a range of insole models so that the width of the insole and its amount of stiffness and cushioning can be tailored to your needs.

Aren’t custom insoles expensive?

Not with FootBalance! Compared to traditional orthotics, the FootBalance custom moulding process is fast, affordable and easy. Your insoles will be moulded on-the-spot in minutes, and you can walk out with them right away!

More Energy Beneath Your Feet

FootBalance custom insoles feature a patented dynamic core for more energy with every step. Our lightweight insoles are designed to provide just the support you need without excess rigidity. We achieve this through a resilient core that flexes to provide feedback while retaining its custom shape for life.

To stay healthy your foot muscles need to stay active and engaged. Orthotics and arch supports are often far too hard and rigid, and fail to flex in response to movement. This impairs natural foot function, which over time can cause foot muscles to grow passive, decreasing muscle strength and arch flexibility.

In contrast FootBalance insoles are dynamic – they support your feet properly to prevent overpronation while flexing appropriately to return energy. Dynamic energy return facilitates utilisation of joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and proprioceptors. This helps keep feet and arches active, healthy and toned.

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of more energy beneath their feet we offer insoles with different stiffness levels to accommodate different needs, such as higher impact activities, greater loads or rigid footwear. Regardless of the insole model with FootBalance you get lightweight, efficient support that enhances, rather than compromises, performance.

Why don’t you take the FootBalance challenge and compare for yourself today?

The Seven Steps to FootBalance

Step 1

Your arches are analyzed with the use of a podoscope.

Step 2

Pictures are taken of your ankles to analyze your alignment with the help of a computer.

Step 3

You stand on heated, unmoulded insoles that have been positioned on the moulding pillows.

Step 4

The FootBalance expert expertly moulds each of the heated insoles to fit your feet perfectly while maintaining correct alignment.

Step 5

Once the insoles have been individually moulded, the FootBalance expert ensures that the insoles confirm to the natural arch of each foot.

Step 6

The insoles may be trimmed to fit your footwear if needed.

Step 7

Your new 100% customised FootBalance insoles are ready for use. The entire process takes only ten minutes, which is not a lot of time to spend on the welfare of your feet!


Check out our great FootBalance products