Mr J’s Story – Success with Hypnotherapy

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I had suffered a Traumatic experience whilst having an MRI Scan which left me suffering from claustrophobia which I have since suffered for a number of years.

My youngest son casually said to me one day “how are you going to attend my wedding in Bruges if you won’t fly, go through the tunnel and other half won’t Go that far by car” ?, so I spoke to a health care worker and she suggested Hypnotherapy as it had cured her.

I made an appointment with Michele at the Monmouth clinic and enrolled for a course (5) of “Treatment” for the claustrophobia. I only had four sessions and apart from Flying (which I haven’t tried yet, but sure I would be ok) I am able to do many things I was unable to do, go in a lift, alone or with other people, I went through channel tunnel no probs, I can shut the door in a room etc.

Following the success from this treatment I asked if they do anything regarding weight loss to which I was advised about Hypnoband and given information to read, in January 2019 I booked for a course (5) of treatment at this time my weight was in excess of 21 stone, after the third session (3 weeks) I was advised my stomach was now the size of a golf ball,
I had during this time lost weight. In all this time I was not hungry as I had previously felt and started making homemade chicken soups, homemade low fat cottage pie, eating plenty of fruit and veg, stopped eating bread and still don’t eat bread, no fast food, still have alcohol but much more reduced.

Today I weigh 16 stone and 4 lbs and all feelings remain unaltered I am still not hungry and listen to the listening aids supplied to me but again not every day as when I started. I am so lucky to have met and been treated by Michele as I believe I would still suffer from claustrophobia and be at least the 21 plus stone that I was. And she will forever have my thanks

Mr P.J



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